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  • Great having you on set, it was a tremendous help

    Dave Cargill, Co-Executive Producer & Show Runner - HitRecord
  • Thanks for creating such amazing images for us, a great job well done!

    Amanda Muñoz-Temple, Director, Communications - ParticipantMedia
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I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with a wide range of video production projects. All the way from big budget projects to small and no budget films and commercial shoots. I have been thru the process before, if you are looking to start your project, I can be a great resource to have all the way from the beginning pre-production phase of your project. Lot’s of people shy away from pre-production, but I have to admit, I love the early process of any project, simply because it’s new, it’s exciting and it’s where we get to plan all the things we want to do for any project.

The day of the shoot, it’s already too late to try and plan for something, it’s time to execute. I like to take advantage of the early preparation stages of any project to be as ready as possible on the day of the shoot.


The day of production is everybody’s favorite. It’s definitely a lot of fun, but it’s also very hard work, which I enjoy. All the plans and the hard work from the pre-production phase pays off as we go into production and execute all those awesome ideas we came up with.

We get to try new techniques and experiment with old ones, one of the best feelings at the end of the day of long production day is all the beautiful images and sound we get to create together with the production team. It’s hard to compare it with anything else.

Ultimately the long days of production are very rewarding and most see it as the battlefield where all the chaos happens we fight together and bond with our team members as we come ahead on the other side. Everyone in the team usual goes their separate ways and only the core few are left to continue the journey into the post production phase.


The Post-Production phase is so different than the rest. It’s where it all comes together. Only the select few that started on this long journey are still left, after the craziness of the battlefield and it’s time to put all the pieces together. At times this phase feels like the hardest and the most creative also, and once you get thru the initial rough cuts, which seem to drag for a while, the whole projects starts taking shape quickly and pretty soon, you’re picking final shots and making final adjustments to your project. It’s the most rewarding phase for those that got a chance to see the whole process. Those are the projects I enjoy most.

I enjoy focusing on amazing images only during the production phase, but getting chance to see the whole project from beginning to end is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ask for.

Fast Delivery

I've always focused on fast delivery. I like getting involved in as many different type of projects as possible, so I'm always eager to get thru my current projects so I can move forward and start my next adventure.

Solid Gear

I manage a company that designs gear for filmmakers, so I'm always aware of the cutting edge in filmmaking gear and lots of times I get a chance to test the latest gear from some of the top companies in the industry.

24/7 Support

I'm always available to help with whatever questions you might have during the process of our project. Either by email, text or phone call, or direct messages thru the website.


I can be flexible to fit the needs of your project. If you only need pre-production, production, post or all of the above. I'm available for your next project.