I’ve had many interests growing up, and have always wanted to focus on each one of them, but of course, this has been hard to do, you only get so much time, but I really have to consider myself lucky that somehow I’ve always managed to involve myself tasks that I really enjoy doing. Both my brother Jehu and I seem to always want to copy everything we see, since we were kids, it’s always been that way. When a traveling circus visited our small town while we lived in Mexico, we were so impressed with the whole production of it all, the giant tent, the performers, the crowd, we didn’t know any better at the time, but of course thinking back now, I can’t imagine this being a very good quality production, but we were kids, and never havin’ seen anything like it before, it was an amazing experience. Of course we couldn’t buy a ticket, we weren’t even allowed to go near it, but somehow we managed to see them setting up and if I remember correctly, we also managed to sneak in under the tent, and catch a glimpse of some of the performers. This was enough fuel to keep us entertained and inspired for the next couple of months, as we worked on building a tent out of old blankets and whatever material we could find. While we collected props and attempted to build a tent, we also worked on creating performance characters, I guess it was more like, we tried learning how to be a clowns. I actually learned how to juggle. We went as far as creating admission tickets. Anyway, I guess my point is, since we were kids, we have always tried to copy what we see. Not just anything we see, only the things that stand out to us, the things that inspire us, or impress us. Since then, we learned to play music and formed various bands, produced concert type events, attempted to shoot an indie film, started an online business, a graphic design company, I became a web developer, and Jehu became a carpenter. About two years ago, Jehu started another company building 35mm dof adapters and selling them online, and this has been our current project up ’till now.

I’ve worked at Jag35.com since March of 2009, just a little after the company started. My brother Jehu was getting bombarded with questions and orders, that it was getting beyond manageable. I started out by heavily attacking customer service by posting an online contact form on the company website and answering all emails everyday. This quickly contributed to a fast growth in sales and a need for constant website maintenance. Having a background in web development made this an exciting project, and a constant ongoing task as well.

Quickly after that customer service, website maintenance and daily shipping became very time consuming so we decided to get a little more help, so Karla came on board and took over our daily shipping tasks, which was a huge load off, and allowed us to focus on other projects, and continue to grow. Not long after that, Kevin arrived and begin training on customer service, and pretty soon after that he took over our online customer service, by answering daily emails as well as helping us out with any extra tasks that were needed at the time.

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