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I'm a web developer interested in video shooting and editing as well as graphic design. I currently work at Jag35 Media LLC developing new marketing ideas, maintaining the company website, dealing with customer service and company management. It's definitely a lot of fun, as our main goal has been to provide affordable solution to aspiring filmmakers.

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Where has the Neon gone?


This is great look at the Making of Neon signs and also the sad truth about the inevitable end to a very creative art form.


Why are we not using Solar Panels on cars yet?


This week I decided to discuss one of the many frequently asked questions that come up with EVs. This is one questions I get a lot, why don’t you use Solar Panels to recharger your batteries? I explain some of the reasons why I haven’t done it. There’s more reason I’m sure, but this was just some More >


The eSamba Project continues with Batteries


In the same way that Tesla has adapted laptop batteries and included individual fuses to each installed cell, Jehu is now looking to implement those same ideas to his current eSamba project. I mean, obviously Tesla is doing something right, so why not head in that direction. In this episode we More >

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an Idea worth spreading


Here’s a message I think it’s worth spreading, I know it’s only a commercial for a corporation, but still I think that’s the right mentality we all need to adopt.


How to live with an introvert!


Living with an introvert can get complicated, but understand how they’re different and adjusting accordingly can be a huge improvement for everyone involved, here’s a quick cartoon to help you understand.

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