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Wow, this guy’s been shooting some really cool things and people. This is a ‘Best Of’ video, where he basically edited some of his best moments from his youtube channel. I gotta say, when I look at this, it makes me think that maybe I’m hanging out with the wrong people, ha! No offense to anyone, but these guys are living life to the fullest. The filmmaker has managed to attend all of these moments in time where people seem to really let loose, live in the moment, enjoy their life, (insert whatever cliche you’d like in here).

Either way this video made me want to get out there and shoot more, and capture different types of things. Videos that make you want to take action are the good ones, and are definitely worth sharing. I know that not everyone sees the same thing when they watch this video, that’s just what it did for me.

So what does this video make you think of?

Here’s a straight rip from the filmmakers youtube post:

Film made by Devin Graham
All the videos that appear in this video are from my youtube channel, where I put out new videos every other week.

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  • Misa,

    I’ve been following Devin for about a year and a half with acute interest. He is one of my strongest case studies. I study his methods and his formula is solid. He’s a great example of the future of film making and I’m taking my cue’s from his success.

    • Very cool Paul, thanks for your comment, I wasn’t aware of Devin ’till I saw this video a few days ago. It really stayed with me after seeing it, and I kept thinking about it, that I wanted to feature it somehow, at least so I can come back to it later for reference. I really like his style a lot, and I definitely agree with you about the future of filmmaking. I’ll have to go back and watch a little closer some of his other videos.

      What are some other filmmakers that you like to keep a close watch on?

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