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The Guild Behind the Scenes


Check out the Behind the Scenes daily edits from The Guild Season 6 Shoot from a few weeks ago. New Season coming October 2nd to a YouTube near you.

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MineCon Opening Day


A very successful opening day for the first ever MineCon, a celebration of the very fast growing and now very popular MineCraft game. We put together some daily edits just so we can quickly show what was going on behind the scenes as the Mojang crew prepared for opening day. Lots of stuff More >

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Dreaming in Austin BTS Episode 3


In the Third Episode of our SXSW Behind the Scenes Web series, we show you the custom Jag35 Rig that Jehu put together to walk around while at the Film Festival. There was a lot of walking around and it definitely was tiring days, so we wanted a rig that was both small and compact, but also More >

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Dreaming in Austin BTS Episode 2


In Episode 2 of our Dreaming in Austin BTS Web Series, we get a bit of a glimpse into what it’s like attending the SXSW Festival in 2011. There’s a ton of like-minded people there to interact and connect with and exchange ideas, but best of all, get real feedback from actual people with facial More >

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Dreaming in Austin BTS Episode 1


It’s always been one of those things, on my TO-DO list, ever since I heard of it, SXSW seemed like one of the best festivals around, and finally I got a chance to actually attend, and under the best of circumstances too.

It would have definitely been cool to show up as just an attendee and check More >

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