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The Bui Brothers teach me Lighting!


The Bui Brothers are great, we all know that, and I’m sure you all know that Vimeo is great. Well this is what you get when you put the two together. An awesome, easy to follow instructional video where you don’t only learn lighting from it, but it’s also entertaining and fun while you’re watching More >

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D|Focus Version 3


D|Focus version 3

The New Version 3.0 of the very affordable Follow Focus is now available for pre-order on the website. Although it’s a limited pre-sale release, we can only sell so many, you might find it already sold out. We saved some units and have been releasing them thru-out the More >

Why use a DSLR Cage

Why you should use a DSLR Cage


Just one of those reasons you might wanna consider using a DSLR Cage when shooting. Make sure your sound is on! (more…)

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