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New iPhone 4 Music Video

Screen shot 2010-07-02 at 1.57.45 PM

First Official iPhone 4 Music Video for – flakjakt “Cascades” from Marty Martin. on Vimeo. In an effort to release the first iPhone 4 music video, my good friend and musician Steve Failows [AKA flakjakt] and I collaborated over a period of less than a week to create the first iPhone 4 music video….

New iPhone 4 Video

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I’m sure you guys have heard, the new iPhone 4 shoots 720 HD Video. Pretty amazing for how small the phone is. Plus also, you gotta consider the fact that it’s a phone that has some of the best features out there, the video part is just an extra cool feature. Anyway, I haven’t gotten…

GoPro in Space


Really cool video shot with GoPro HD cameras mounted on a ballon. It flies up and almost makes it up to space, blows up and falls all the way down to hit the ground, and the cameras continue to record. It’s a pretty impressive video. Here’s what the guys that uploaded it to Vimeo had…