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Merrie Melodies Cartoons in HD


Remember these Cartoons? Like many others, I grew up with these being some of the my favorites, now you can watch them in HD. This one is called Coyote Falls and was directed by Matthew O’Callaghan. Can’t wait for more.

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New iPhone 4 Music Video


First Official iPhone 4 Music Video for – flakjakt “Cascades” from Marty Martin. on Vimeo.

In an effort to release the first iPhone 4 music video, my good friend and musician Steve Failows [AKA flakjakt] and I collaborated over a period of less than a week to create the first

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New iPhone 4 Video


I’m sure you guys have heard, the new iPhone 4 shoots 720 HD Video. Pretty amazing for how small the phone is. Plus also, you gotta consider the fact that it’s a phone that has some of the best features out there, the video part is just an extra cool feature. Anyway, I haven’t gotten my iPhone, More >


GoPro in Space


Really cool video shot with GoPro HD cameras mounted on a ballon. It flies up and almost makes it up to space, blows up and falls all the way down to hit the ground, and the cameras continue to record. It’s a pretty impressive video. Here’s what the guys that uploaded it to Vimeo had to say: More >

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