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I first started using Instagram back in November 2010. I had heard about it, and just thought it was like any other picture storing app, so it didn’t really interest me. I only paid attention because a friend from NY (@anthonyquintano) used it all the time, (more…)

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New iPhone 4 Music Video


First Official iPhone 4 Music Video for – flakjakt “Cascades” from Marty Martin. on Vimeo.

In an effort to release the first iPhone 4 music video, my good friend and musician Steve Failows [AKA flakjakt] and I collaborated over a period of less than a week to create the first

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iPhone 4 VS Canon 7D


iPhone 4 versus Canon 7D from Take Zero Productions on Vimeo.

Very nice comparison video. I can definitely see a lot more people using the iPhone 4 to shoot some short little clips. Pretty amazing.

Short Film Shot entirely on an iPhone 4

Short Film on iPhone 4


Check out this short film shot and edited entirely on the new iPhone 4. It really is an amazing little short, looks incredible and it includes Behind the Scenes, that shows you how they accomplished some of the steady shots. It really is pretty impressive.

“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 film

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