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First Minecraft Timelapse


Check out this awesome timelapse video made by my nephew, of him and his friends building while playing Minecraft. I think it’s pretty awesome.

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Learning to Shoot Timelapses Week 1


So I decided to start a weekly video blog. I wanted to learn how to shoot timelapses, mainly because, they look cool and… well, I really don’t need another reason. So I figured, that the best way to learn, would be by doing a whole lot of timelapses. So I’ve decided to do just that.

I’m pretty More >


New Jag35 Slider Footage!


My brother shot this video over the weekend using the brand new Jag35 motorized slider. It’s a very basic and simple product, but if used correctly you can capture beautiful moving images. You mount your camera to it, attach a Canon LP-E6 battery or any of the cheaper aftermarket versions of it. More >

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Timelapsing through Trinidad


The Timelapsing through Trinidad video was the winner of the most Original Film award at the 1st Annual Chronos Film Festival. Really a great piece of work by Kevin Huggins.

Here’s a little bit about what the Filmmaker had to say:

For 10 days in August 2011, my friend Anthony and I set out on an More >

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Tempest Milky Way


Tempest Milky Way won Best Overall and Audience Choice at the 2011 Chronos Film Festival. It’s really no surprise that it won, I mean look at it… Amazing work by Randy Halverson.

Here’s a rip from what the filmmaker had to say:

One of the challenges in making this video, was trying to get good More >

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