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Learning to Shoot Timelapses Week 1


So I decided to start a weekly video blog. I wanted to learn how to shoot timelapses, mainly because, they look cool and… well, I really don’t need another reason. So I figured, that the best way to learn, would be by doing a whole lot of timelapses. So I’ve decided to do just that.

I’m pretty More >

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The Bui Brothers teach me Lighting!


The Bui Brothers are great, we all know that, and I’m sure you all know that Vimeo is great. Well this is what you get when you put the two together. An awesome, easy to follow instructional video where you don’t only learn lighting from it, but it’s also entertaining and fun while you’re watching More >

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How to 1000 fps in Apple Motion!


Great and quick tutorial on how to replicate a twixtor-like 1000 fps effect in Apple MOTION. If you have the full Final Cut Pro Studio, then you should have MOTION installed in your computer. This quick Tutorial walks you thru all the steps on how to replicate this simple look. Now, keep in More >

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