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Vegas TV Series 2012


So I’m headed over to the set of the new CBS TV Series VEGAS. Thru a friend a got a gig driving one of the old classic cars for the show. So I’ll be hanging out on set all day today. It’s always a good thing, when I get a chance to hang out on set, because I love to see the behind the scene More >

Rick McCallum and the Jag35 Team

Rick McCallum and Jag35


Rick McCallum and the Jag35 Team

[tweetmeme] There’s so many highlights from last week’s Vegas trip while showcasing our Jag35 products at NAB. One other thing that stands out is meeting Rick McCallum, if the name doesn’t sound familiar, well you might have seen his work, he’s the producer for a More >

A week in Vegas for NAB

A Week in Vegas


A week in Vegas for NAB 2010

[tweetmeme] It’s been a very long week and a lot of stuff has happened, that it’s even hard to process all of it, much less try and organize my thoughts into a coherent blog entry. So I won’t even try and do that, I’ll just write what comes to mind.

I spent the week in More >

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