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iPhone Protection


LUNATIK TAKTIK iPhone Features from MINIMAL on Vimeo.

If iPhone protection is really what you are after, then this is the case for you. I thought it was pretty cool how they did the video, might be a bit too technical, but it definitely had a cool look and feel. What do you guys think?

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The Bui Brothers teach me Lighting!


The Bui Brothers are great, we all know that, and I’m sure you all know that Vimeo is great. Well this is what you get when you put the two together. An awesome, easy to follow instructional video where you don’t only learn lighting from it, but it’s also entertaining and fun while you’re watching More >

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Merrie Melodies Cartoons in HD


Remember these Cartoons? Like many others, I grew up with these being some of the my favorites, now you can watch them in HD. This one is called Coyote Falls and was directed by Matthew O’Callaghan. Can’t wait for more.

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Critics – Season 3


Co-hosts Steve Weiss and Philip Bloom go head-to-head in this special edition promo and deliver the most constructive critiques to date. Finally, Steve gets it and Phil ends up with the goods.

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Lifespan of a Fly


Shot using a Canon 7D w/ a 70mm-200mm IS lens, and the new Monitor X Viewfinder from

Artist: The Bird and the Bee Song: Lifespan of a Fly

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